Wade family, CASA winners
Wade family, CASA winners

Franklin Resident Nabs 200-Square-Foot Structure, Benefit Deemed A Success

FRANKLIN, Tenn.—For two months, more than 18,000 people drove by a mini-home in front of Dotson’s Restaurant on East Main Street. The Williamson County CASA Playhouse, which was in the midst of being raffled off, served as a daily reminder for the organization’s mission: to advocate for abused and neglected children in the court system.

On Sept. 6 the non-profit held an on-site drawing to announce the winner of the structure. Franklin resident Patricia Wade was selected at random from a bank of 800-plus entries.

Wade, who has four young grandchildren, plans to move the playhouse to her home in downtown Franklin. As a juvenile justice director at the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth, she says she was familiar with WCCASA’s mission when she bought a ticket.

“I am so excited because of where the proceeds from this raffle go,” Wade said. “This is a very important organization in our county that helps abused and neglected children.”

WCCASA Executive Director Marianne Schroer, who filled the position just days before the drawing, reports that the fundraiser collected $25,700 for the organization.

She says that the purpose of the raffle was to both secure funding for the organization, and to bring the plight of child abuse to the forefront of public attention. Last fiscal year WCCASA served more than 300 children. Since the organization's existence in the county, it has advocated for nearly 1,500 children. The number of cases handled by the non-profit has continued to grow each year.

“Not only did all proceeds from the ticket sales provide crucial funding for CASA, but the event also promoted community awareness for the services we provide,” Schroer said. “This was a great event to be involved in at the start of my time here.”

The Playhouse, presented by Twice Daily, was professionally designed by Kiskaddon + Architects, PLC, and built by Johnson Custom Homes, LLC. Valued at $17,000 and equipped with amenities like electricity and air condition, the interior was also fully decorated with curtains, furniture and books.

As the winner, Wade will receive free delivery to her home.

For more information about the CASA mission, or to learn how to volunteer, go to www.williamsoncountycasa.org.

More About Williamson County CASA Williamson County CASA is an organization that advocates for the best interests of children in the judicial system, and works with volunteers to provide a permanent home for each one. The non-profit independently trains its volunteer members to investigate each situation, and report findings to the court.



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