Marianne Schroer with Rocklin at the CASA offices

Meet the newest member to the Williamson County CASA team: Rocklin, the super dog! He comes to us from 

Canine Campanions for Independence

, a fellow non-profit that provides highly trained assistance dogs for those in need.

As a facility dog, Rocklin is expertly trained--he knows more than 20 commands!--and will work with our CASA children to help motivate, inspire and comfort them... especially in difficult settings, like a courtroom.

WCCASA was chosen out of many applicants for Canine Companion program approval back in December. In early February, WCCASA Executive Director Marianne Schroer traveled to Orlando for two weeks of training and to learn how to work with--and take care of--a facility dog.

Though the experience was emotional and unforgettable, Marianne's hard work was worth it: because after her graduation, Rocklin found a permanent home in Franklin, TN!


"Can you imagine being a child in a home with enough chaos present that Juvenile Court & child services must intervene? Can you put yourself in the shoes of that child standing in front of the court, making decisions regarding your life? Our children face this every day & we believe with the help of Rocklin, their journey can be made a little less tumultuous."

Wondering how Rocklin will make a difference, and what he will do when he is in "work mode?"

Here are just a few ways:

  • Rocklin will provide emotional support for the children who are appearing in court, due to abuse or neglect from their caretaker(s).
  • Rocklin will assist WCCASA, the Department of Children's Services (DCS), and Juvenile Court personnel during difficult interviews with children.
  • Rocklin will support children going before the Foster Care Review Board.
  • Rocklin will provide emotional support to caregivers of the children we serve--as well as to WCCASA advocates and staff, Youth Services Officers, and DCS and Juvenile Court personnel.

One of our advocates recently said, "there is something about the outside of a dog that is good for the inside of a child"--and the WCCASA staff and board members couldn't agree more.

Williamson County CASA kids will be blessed and comforted by the presence of an empathetic furry friend, for many years to come.


Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that has enhanced the lives of people with disabilities for 40 years by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.

Canine Companions trains four types of assistance dogs: service dogs, skilled companions, hearing dogs and facility dogs (like Rocklin!). After completing an extensive training period, the dogs are teamed with a graduate during the two-week team training period.

As the largest non-profit provider of assitance dogs, Canine Campanions is recognized worldwide.The foundation strives to foster the best matches between its dogs and the people they help to ensure a life of increased independence and loving companionship. WCCASA is proud to partner with Canine Companions--and to find a teammember in Rocklin.


Like most non-profit organizations, Canine Campanions for Independence relies heavily on volunteers to continue to grow and spread the foundation's mission. Visit their website here to learn how you can help by donating your time and effort to this amazing organization.

Williamson County CASA is also taking donations to help care for Rocklin, and better support his impact on the children we serve. To learn more, email Ondrea Johnson here.

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