You Helped Create a Future without Violence for 6 Year Old Chris


Because of your support, we were able to help "Chris."  Chris is the six year old son of a single mother who was addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Chris was often pulled out of bed at night to accompany his mother on trips to buy drugs, or left alone at home while his mother went out searching for her next high.  He was exposed to various men in and out of the home, his mother always seemed to have a new "boyfriend."  Some of these men saw Chris as an annoyance.  Sometimes, his mom would hit him or scream at him when he got in the way.  Chris was often placed in the care of friends and relatives when things got really bad at home.  Eventually, his mother was arrested and Chris was removed from the home and placed in foster care.  At that point, Chris was appointed an advocate by Judge Guffee and his life began to change.  Chris' CASA started attending meetings at the school so that his teachers could understand why he was often unruly or sleepy or even hungry during the day.  She also attended all of the meetings with his DCS case worker, his foster parents, all of the court appearances for his case.  She met with his mother, his grandmother, his teachers, his neighbors, and several other people who know Chris and are familiar with his life.  From those meetings, Chris' advocate was able to paint a very clear picture for the judge of exactly what Chris needed to have the best chance in life.  She worked hard to make sure Chris saw a pediatrician (he gained almost 8 pounds in the first six months he was in foster care because of the consistent nutrition and availability of food),  visited a dentist for the first time, and had special accommodations at school to bring him up to speed academically with his peers. Through her tireless efforts on Chris' behalf, his advocate was able to locate a paternal aunt and uncle who were in a stable, loving relationship and responsibly raising their children.  She advocated for Chris to be placed in their home and eventually they adopted Chris.  Today, Chris is living free from abuse and neglect.  He is thriving and loved.  All of this was possible because of your support.  Together, we are making a difference in the lives of children in our county.  Together, we are creating a better future for our community.  We couldn't do it without you!  Thank you!